Saturday, December 23, 2006

On a roll...

As promised here are pictures of our girl-getaway weekend...We went down to Orlando for a weekend of shopping! We drove down Friday night and did a small gift exchange- Jamie got us all the Susan Branch book Girlfriends (one of my all time favorites- I highly recommend it). Jennifer and I did a birthday gift exchange because it was both of our birthdays. Jamie got me an apron from Olive Juice & Co. and I wear it all the time- I'm sure you will see me up at the store wearing it! I made Jennifer a Christmas organizer- hopefully it helped her out this holiday season. On Saturday we went to Winterpark, FL and shopped all day at the awsome boutiques- stopping for a Chocolate pedicure at the amazing Shou'ture . We got to sip on Chocolate martini's and chocolate covered oreos while being pampered. That night we went to the Millenia mall untill we just couldn't walk anymore. This picture is of Jamie and I in Neiman Marcus (or as Jennifer says Needless Markup) there was an amazing display of paper butterflies in the center of the store and it was like a dream it was so pretty. On Sunday we got up and headed to Renningers flea market- the largest one in the south. Amazing enough, I didn't find anything but Jamie found quite a bit including some great lace tablecloths for her dining room. We headed home after this and I was pooped out! I got my PJs on and finished reading my Girlfriends book- a great weekend with great friends- there isn't a whole lot better than that!

Better late than never...

Some exciting personal news...Bella, who turned 3 in September just had her first haircut!!! Can you believe it- and it really didn't need to be cut, but I was just tired of waiting. Everyone keeps telling me that it will grow faster if I keep cuting it so here goes nothing. She was really nervous at first, I didn't think she was going to go through with it but I found this neat kids hair place that looks like Dr. Seuss might own it and that helped out a lot. Here she is -in all of her beauty!!!

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Jamie and I both wish you and your family the most wonderful Christmas ever. Be safe and enjoy every second of it!