Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We know you love a monogram!

We have found a new product that pretty much sums up us Southern Mommas:
Just Arrived at POPIN...Monogrammed sippy cups for your little one! Available with a straw top too.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Presidents Day Sale Begins Today!

Today and Monday we are having a very Presidental Sale!

In honor of Presidents day, for every Grant ($50) you spend at POPIN we will give you a Lincoln ($5)

There is no limit to your amount of savings, and the sale is good on custom orders as well - how patriotic of us!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Beautiful Organization

If we had a nickel for every time we heard a Mom complaining about the clutter of bows that her little girl had we'd be rich women! So... that made us search high and low for a beautiful solution to the bow organization dilemma (hey, we're here to help)
Check out these fabulous hair bow holders that we just got in at POPIN. At 3 1/2 feet long, they are works of art by themselves but when you start adding your little ones hair bows to the ribbons on the skirt it turns into something magical (and helps organize those overflowing hair bow collections!) These would be perfect to hang in a bedroom, bathroom or closet. Available in multiple color combinations, stop in to pick one up, they are sure to go fast!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day, Come on in!

We didn't get you any roses or candy... but today's shipment of Spring clothing is so much sweeter than a box of chocolates! We just received a great selection of flirty halter dresses, bubbles, and a refill on our most popular flower tutus. A brand new line of mix and match casual wear for boys and girls arrived today too....
We hope you are enjoying this V-day with your special someone. Our families are having fondue together tonight, a night of cheese, chocolate, and family, what could be more romantic? ~J

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Add Some Cuteness!

We are so excited about our new shoe line, why didn't someone think of this ingenious idea earlier?? Next week we will be getting in sandals and Mary Jane style shoes that you ADD A BOW to, how cool is that? This way you can buy a pair of the basic color shoes or sandals and add the color bow of your choice to match each of your little one's outfits. Each pair comes with a set of bows, but we will offer additional mix and match bow options too. We've never found a product that fits our Southern roots so well....
The shoes also have a squeaker in them (which can be removed) just the cutest thing to get her excited about starting to walk (not to mention the added benefit of Mom being able to hear where they might be walking to...)
The Mary Jane style will be available in black, pink and white and the sandals in white, sizes 4 - 8, $33. Call 904-886-3947 or email us today to get on the waiting list (it's already growing...everyone we tell about these shoes want them asap!!)
Don't worry, we're also getting in some cute ones for the boys, Squeaky leather sandals and Squeaky Camo tennis shoes too!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Sweet Valentine Swap

Wendy and I were involved in a Valentine Swap this year and this morning was the "opening" of the gifts. I am so excited to share this with you guys (it's not too late to organize your own swap with a group of girlfriends!) The rules of our swap were the following: You were to send your swap partner something that you love and something that they love. The items can be handmade or store bought, can have a theme or not, must be sent to your partner by February 8th. Each person in the swap was assigned a partner (you didn't exchange with the same person that had you)
Well... Jeanie, Wendy, and I met at Starbucks this morning to open our packages...here's how it went...
First was Wendy, Suzanne Duda was her partner... this alone made Wendy excited... we just LOVE Suzanne. Wendy received some of her favorite items. Things Wendy loves... The Eiffel Tower...and her signature Roses scrapbook paper. The "Cupcake Bella" also sent yummy cupcake mix, handtowels and a gorgeous handmade art hanging:

Second was Jeanie, her partner was Jenn Hayslip... which we could tell just by looking at the pink oozing out of the packaging. Jenn sent beautifully packaged goodies including lots of valentine candy, a beautiful pink pearl heart and one of her signature Sweet Eye Candy creations, a Valentine fluffy bunny!

I was last, Jeanie was my partner... and oh how I was sooooo spoiled! I hate to tell my hubby but Jeanie is the best Valentine I've ever had. First, something she loves (which of course means I do too) she made me a Valentine ribbon topiary similar to the ones we made at POPIN's MITI. Then, for what I love... I've shared with you guys before my love of artwork...well my special valentine commissioned a piece for my house...see the 3ft by 3ft topiary painting... it is TOOO MUCH...I've already hung it in my house, isn't it perfect???? ~J

Monday, February 04, 2008


Want your child to dress like the children of the stars (think Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale and Brad & Angelina) then we just received the clothing for you! Knuckleheads clothing for boys is a must for your little Rockabilly Baby! We have mentioned before that we have a melting pot of customers, whose taste in children's clothing is as different night and day. We are happy to try to accommodate all with a little bit of everything!

This weekend we expanded our clothing section and moved things around a bit. Jamie and I just can't seem to stand still. We are getting in a twin size bed for the front of the store tomorrow so we'll be moving things around again tomorrow too. Stop in a check out all of the changes. We are expecting in more clothing for boys and girls, both traditional and funky in the next few weeks so stay tunned!