Friday, July 27, 2007


Hi guys,
I'm back from my mini-vacation and much needed break (although I think I came into POPIN 3 of my 5 vacation days...I couldn't help it!!) I thought I'd share some photos of a few of the activities Brian & I managed to do during the 110 degree heat that week. We started off by going out to my parents to swim, walk the boardwalk to the intercoastal and pig out (like we always do when my family is together) We also took up golf as a new couples sport (God help us!), we went on a day trip to Fernandina for some antique shopping, we went and saw a few movies, tried bowling one night (after drinking a few too many at the bowling alley bar...yikes!) It was awesome to spend a week alone with Brian, we needed it, but by the end of the time off both of us were jonesing to get back to our respective jobs!
Wendy took this week off from the store to "do nothing" as well, I think I've talked to her on the phone from POPIN a minimum of 2 hours a day though so just like me she never stops thinking about the store. We are getting ready to do a HUGE floor move (we try to do these quarterly, painting walls, making new displays, keeping things fresh) My last few days of vacation were spent at market and boy did we place a TON of orders... keep your eye out on the website... as new stuff comes in (and it already has started) we'll get it all online for you guys buying pleasure. I should be a tiring next few weeks... but this the the stuff we live for!!! Enjoy the pics, more to come next week.... ~J

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Fun Stuff

We are getting new shipments in every day around here (I seriously need to take some empty boxes to the dumpster!)...lots of new fun things, great for birthday parties or just to help keep your sanity during these long summer days! (click on the pictures for more details) Stop on in or check it out on our website.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Office infatuation

Any of those who know us well, know that we have a passion for the show The Office. In fact, if you stop by the store on Friday, you will probably hear us discussing the episode that was on the night before. Not to mention, our Office screen saver and work calender. Jamie and I have so many memories of working in that exact setting, we've known some of those exact characters! Personally, I am having withdrawals because the show isn't back on the air for a few more in the mean time, all of you Office fans out there...enjoy this! (you definitely need sound to watch this)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ebay keeps the sadness away!

Hi Guys,
Just checking in with you, I know my last post was kind of blue... and yes, it has been a hard few weeks but I think I am back to a happy place thanks to all of your super kind support, my awesome family, and some great retail therapy!!! I know life will go on and that God has a plan for me and Brian and it might not happen just the way we think but that is OK, we are just going to go with the flow. I thought I would share a picture of the cutest totes that I just received from an Ebay purchase.... the ruffles and absolute mismatch of fabrics is just what I needed! They are super good quality, not like a lot of purchases that I have made on Ebay where, yes, I have often gotten Escrewd. I am looking forward to using these totes next week when Bri and I are taking an entire week off to do nothing! Yep, that's right, we have no plans to fly or drive anywhere, we aren't planning on spending a boatload of money, we are just gonna hang around - go to the beach a few days, do some antique shopping, picnic, check out some local bike trails and probably catch up on some of the summer blockbusters at the movies. I can't wait! Work has been really stressful for him these past few weeks and of course I've been a mess so it will be nice just to reconnect and be us for a while (without having to worry about giving/receiving fertility shots and drugs) Wendy will be at the shop all by herself this week, not even Preston to keep her company (he went back with his Nana and Granddad to SC for a week of golf/swimming/boating) I'm sure he won't miss being at POPIN much! So you guys stop in and say Hi to her when you get a chance, we always keep our air conditioning really cool in the store so when you are about to pass out in this heat pop-in! We are having some really big sales right now, and Wendy is our wheeler/dealer this week- so come in if there is something you have had your eye on and prepare to walk out with an awesome deal!! I'll post pics of my mini-vacation when I return, until then.....stay cool! ~J

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independece Day

Have a safe and happy Independence Day everyone!

POPIN will be closed today to celebrate with our families.