Monday, September 22, 2008

On a personal note...

When Jamie and I opened POPIN in 2004 we were not fully prepared for everything that we were going to experience. We feel very fortunate to have learned so many things along the way and especially meeting all of the wonderful people we have met. We have a POPIN family and if you are reading this then it probably includes you! We never dreamed that we would form some of the friendships we have just by owning a children's boutique. But, you have touched our lives and we feel connected with you. Each one of you who have encouraged Jamie through her very long, very difficult journey to motherhood...we can't express the words to thank you enough. She has had a month full of emotion, from heartbreak to hope. We aren't going to guess what God has planned but we are going to ask everyone to please keep praying. I know that there will be a happy ending, we just can't control the time frame. We'll let you know more details as we can. Thank you so much!!!

*We are going to skip the Sept. MITI but will continue in Oct...we had so much "stuff" going on this month, time just got away from us. Those of you who pre-pay your spots, your class fee will roll over to October. Thanks!


Lianna Knight said...

I have finally took the time to sit down and catch up on you two. I am the one that stopped in on Monday to pick up a bib for the baby I EXPECT to have...we are waiting to save up enough money to try IVF for the third time so a very dear friend of mine encouraged me to EXPECT a baby of our own and go ahead and buy something for him/her. I think it was a GREAT idea.

Looking forward to hearing about the new baby that will be joining your family soon!

You two great ladies will BOTH be in my prayers!

deb said...

I'm thinking of you. Good things will come!!

The store looks wonderful.