Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're Back, albeit a little broke!!

Vegas was a whirlwind as always, we did lots of shopping, gambling, lounging and eating! Here are a few pics that we managed to get along the way. Our stay at the Wynn was beyond fabulous, we got to see Cher in concert at Caesars, and we found some new cute things at market...enjoy!

Love this shot, you wonder why more people don't write our names exactly as they are pronounced:

Fresh flowers replaced each day by our elevators at the Wynn:

After market we decided to lounge around at the hotel pool, it was like you stepped right into a movie, everything was so spectacular!! On the other side of this cabana bar is the "European" pool (NUDE) We stumbled on that one and almost died!!:Brian tagged along with us on this trip and we were able to show him around our favorite City, we all got dressed up to see Cher and LeReve, two great shows:
Finally, proof that we actually did work during our trip....One of our fun new finds at market: Funky stroller umbrellas that attach to your existing stroller, you guys are going to LOVE the fun patterns we got them in:
Every time you come into POPIN you hear the gorgeous voice of Susie Tallman, she is the talent behind the children CD's that we sell. We were so excited to order her new Christmas CD's and get a quick photo...she is so sweet!!:

Serena & Lily has come out with a ton of great new products, a new organic bedding line, new adult bedding as well as some classically cool new accessories - just stop by the store to check out the new catalog!:
While we were gone we received a ton of new stuff at the shop...I'll post some on that tomorrow, but if you can't wait, come on in and check it out for yourself!! ~Jamie

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Las Vegas said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time! Aren't the Cabanas amazing? I just had to comment and say that the bed with canopy is the cutest thing ever. I don't have kids but I would definitely purchase this for my little girl. Best of luck in the future with Popin.